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Learn about treatment plans with side effects, handling financial matters, caregiving, and living well after cancer. The Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute also has programs and services to help you manage cancer treatment and recovery and find the emotional support you need.

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Cancer Patient Testimonials

APCI Patient Testimonial“I started in a four to five day treatment and it sounded as if it wouldn’t end, and before you know it, here I am on my last day. I’ve heard other folks ringing the bell on their last day, and I was looking forward to that day; It was very exciting.”

– Mr. Roydel Stewart

APCI Patient Testimonial“I worked in healthcare, I was a hospital CEO for over 30 years, and I did a lot of research before I decided to come here. And this is just a fabulous facility; the people here are so wonderful. They answer all your questions, they answer questions you don’t even ask because they know you have them. They just make you feel at home; Its just a wonderful environment.”

– Mr. Dave Bussone

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More than one million people in the US get cancer each year. Understanding what to expect can help you and your partner cope.

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