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What's new in advanced prostate cancer research and treatmentThe information available today about prostate cancer, as well as the treatment administered, has advanced compared to what it used to be years ago. This has contributed to more successful treatments with fewer negative side effects. Some of the benefits of advanced research and treatment include:

Advanced Medical Equipment

Medical equipment with advanced technology has enabled doctors to see internal organs in the body, thus enabling them to know whether the organs are in the right position or not, and they can now comfortably make the necessary adjustments when necessary. This has positively influenced prostate cancer treatment as it has reduced the area of treatment. Previously, doctors used to treat a large area from the front, back, left and right because they could not see internally. However, since medical equipment now enables them to view internal organs, they are able to focus on what they need, thus treating a small relevant area.

Fewer Complications

Previously, anyone undergoing prostate cancer treatment risked developing complications such as loose stool and bladder issues among other things. The complications arose because doctors had to treat a large area. However, due to advanced technology, doctors can treat a small area and get what they need without interfering with other parts of the body which may lead to complications.

Reduced Treatment Time

The medical machines with advanced technology reduce the amount of treatment time the patient undergoes. The machine delivers treatment constantly on the patient as it rotates around him. This machine delivers treatment within 2 and a half minutes and this is an improvement compared to other machines that take between 10 to 14 minutes to administer the same amount of radiation therapy to a patient. Prostate cancer patients also benefit from this machine since they do not have to hold their bladder for too long during the treatment process. Accidents related to bladder issues are thus reduced.

It is encouraging to know that patients can now undergo prostate cancer treatment without fearing adverse complications that may bring them further problems. With advanced technology and research, complications have been reduced and the treatment time has also been reduced which favors patients who have a hard time holding their bladder when full. The advanced medical equipment has also made it easier for doctors to administer treatment as they can view the internal organs in the body thus enabling them to focus on what they want. Instead of unnecessarily administering treatment on a large area, they can focus on the affected area and also ensure that everything internally is in the right position.More information about advancement in prostate cancer treatment can be found on the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute website.

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