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Effective Testosterone Suppression for Treating Prostate CancerTreating prostate cancer with testosterone suppression has become popular in Florida and throughout the United States because of the therapy’s ability to reduce the spread of the cancer into areas outside the prostate. It is believed that prostate cancer grows rapidly when exposed to increased quantities of testosterone. Therefore, testosterone suppression helps to delay the progression and spread of the cancer, hence improving a patient’s chances of survival and quality of life. The production of testosterone can be stopped permanently or temporarily. The treatment comes in various forms, including injections and pills that can stop the production of testosterone by the testicles and protect the cells from the effects of testosterone already produced and circulating in the body.

Who Should Opt for Testosterone Treatment

Various grades of prostate cancer can be treated through testosterone suppression. The results of a surgical operation can be maximized with this therapy as it will delay the proliferation of cancer cells. On the other hand, men who do not want any other kind of treatment can find hormone suppression alone invaluable. However, before opting for testosterone suppression therapy, such factors as cost, expected improvement in the quality of life, and the effectiveness and safety of the hormonal therapy should all be thoroughly assessed. Patients who do not respond to one kind of hormonal prostate cancer treatment should be switched to other hormonal methods before chemotherapy is considered.

Effective Testosterone Treatment Approaches

A urologist may try various techniques of testosterone suppression depending on the degree of spread of the condition. First, other hormones such as estrogens can be used to counter the effects of testosterone. Second, drugs with the capacity to lower the levels of testosterone or to block the hormone’s activity in the body may be used. These would include luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonists or analogs and anti-androgen agents. In fact, some agents have the ability to stop adrenal glands from producing androgens. Combined hormone therapy can be used so that the generation of testosterone in the testicles, adrenal glands and glands of the kidneys is reduced. For more information on prostate cancer care, call or visit the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute.

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