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    • 09 JUN 14
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    New Technologies for Treating Prostate Cancer

    A diagnosis of prostate cancer is always stressful. Uncertainty about the condition and its prognosis can mean that patients and loved ones worry more than is necessary. Sometimes patients will want a particular treatment because it worked for a relative with a different cancer, or simply because it is new. The treatment of prostate cancer is different from the treatment of other cancers, however; the latest new technologies are not necessarily the best option. Proton therapy, although heavily promoted, is no more effective for destroying cancerous prostate cells than other interventions — and in most cases, less effective. If your idea of what having prostate cancer means has been formed by witnessing a family member cope with another type of cancer, such as breast cancer, you should be aware that the challenges faced by someone with prostate cancer will be very different. [Read Full Article…]

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