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Radiation Therapy - Creating the Plan for TreatmentOne of the times passionate doctors enjoy the most is the few minutes they get to spend with patients during the follow-up consultation that takes place after the diagnosis. During this time, the doctor gets to show them the all the radiation therapy equipment and other amenities that are in the treatment room. Then two head to the office where they sit down and watch a video about what is happening with the patient’s condition. Time spent educating patients is something caring doctors like to do because they know the information provided will help to ease the fear of receiving treatment. The patient gets the opportunity to open up about any questions or concerns they may have and find reassurance.

The Pre-Treatment Appointment Enables Essential Mapping, Molding, and Contouring

Once a patient decides to have the radiation therapy, the next step CT simulation; this allows doctors to identity the tumor’s location, size, and shape, be it in the prostate or the prostate bed. Special imaging equipment is used on the skin for the sake of mapping out the target area – a mold of the patient’s feet will also be made at this time in order to ensure immobilization during therapy. Before the patient leaves, three small tattoos are made using lasers; these enable doctors to know where the prostate is when the person returns for treatment, which should start about a week after this appointment.

Preparations Are Made to Ensure Exactness of Treatment

In the week before the patient returns to start their radiation therapy, the doctors are busy making preparations for them. Both the physician and physicist review each slice of the scan, working to identify the pelvic areas that will receive radiation. They contour the organs and tissues in order to determine how much or how little dosage they want each part to receive. The resulting data is then entered into the treatment planning computer, which calculates the proper amount and location of the dose while working to lessen exposure to surrounding organs and tissues.

Educating a patient on options and procedures as well as developing a precise treatment plan requires a high level of passion and expertise. For this reason, it is critical that prostate cancer patients choose only the best urologists in Oxford, FL, such as the experts at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute.

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