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So one of our big challenges is, as we work with patients and realize we work with cancer all day long. To be able to meet and treat with each patient knowing that this is their first time, their first diagnosis, their first incident of knowing someone or their spouse having this type of cancer and dealing with this. We have to make sure we are sensitive to those needs as well and make sure that we care for those patients and their family members. [We] make sure they’re educated and know what’s going on as well and then sharing time with them. One of the things I like to do as center manager is go out and speak with patients prior to, or after their treatments. And then also ask the spouses: “How are things going on?”, “Are you getting along okay?”, “Do you have any needs?”. One of the great things we have here is our support group, which is not limited to the patients, its also open to the spouses and also anyone who wants to come. But there’s a great spirit where, when we get these people together: the spouses, patients and caregivers as well, we get a chance to talk and chat about some of the concerns and help to resolve those.

If you have questions regarding prostate cancer, our board-certified team of urologists has the answers. To schedule a consultation or PSA test, please call (352) 507-0001 today.
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