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Procedure for First Time Patients of Dr. Michael ChancellorProstate cancer is a common type of cancer that can be easily treated when discovered in its early stages. First-time patients often have a difficult time processing the news of a serious and life-threatening disease, which is why practitioners like Dr. Michael Chancellor consider education in the right environment an important first step in assisting patients and their loved ones in managing the disease.


Dr. Chancellor, a board certified oncologist with the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute, meets numerous prostate cancer patients in his practice who are still coming to terms with their diagnosis. Many prostate cancer patients are otherwise healthy, with no prior symptoms of serious health issues, and they are often not used to being sick or seeing a doctor. The most common question that a typical patient has is what to do about the disease, or whether or not they should choose one specific medical treatment over another. Most patients initially turn to friends and family members who mean well but may not be in the best position to offer sound medical advice. Many patients turn to the internet in an effort to understand their disease, but do not have the background that allows them to distinguish good information from the bad.


Dr Chancellor’s first goal is to educate new patients about their diagnosis and inform them of treatment alternatives. He usually discusses treatment options, such as surgery and radiation therapy, and talks to patients about how their lifestyle may have an effect on the development of the disease, possible side effects and complications. Conversations like these with first-time patients allow both the oncologist and the patient, as well as his loved ones, to come up with the best course of action. For more information about the treatment of prostate cancer, visit the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute today.

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