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The Best Place for Prostate Cancer Treatments

As if coping with a diagnosis of prostate cancer is not enough of a challenge, immediately following the diagnosis comes the frustration of trying to locate the best center for treatment. Prostate cancer patients have choices to make which will have a significant impact on the outcome of their healthcare and recovery, and choosing the right treatment center is one of them.

Ultimately, the best place for having prostate cancer therapy is the place that not only makes use of cutting-edge technologies and approaches, but also makes patients feel welcomed and important, emotionally supported and confident that the medical staff regard the patient’s well being as their highest priority.

The Search for a Prostate Cancer Treatment Center in Florida

There are other centers in Florida where a prostate cancer patient can go for treatment, but what makes Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute stand out is the comforting presence patients can feel as soon as they walk in the door. The professionalism and genuine caring of everyone on staff is one reason why so many patients feel good about their choice.

Patients of Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute know that they are more than just another case to the doctors and staff. At the same time, the center also is home to industry-leading radiation technology, allowing patients to receive the best treatment available.

Effective Treatment of Prostate Cancer is More Than Just a Procedure

Prostate cancer patients are not just bodies. They are human beings with feelings, concerns and emotions. Treating the whole patient has a significant impact on patient outcomes, which is why the best place to receive therapy for prostate cancer is at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute.


CT Scan Planning for Radiation Therapy

Radiotherapy is a common treatment approach for prostate cancer. While not all cases can be resolved using radiation therapy, numerous patients who have undergone this procedure have a success story to share.

There are many factors which influence the outcome of a prostate cancer patient’s treatment, and quality of care is by far one of the most important. Quality of care begins at the initial consultation and flows through planning and the radiotherapy process to the follow-up visits during recovery and remission. During the planning stage of radiotherapy, a CT scan will be scheduled. This vital diagnostic test helps lay the foundation for highly effective care.

The CT Planning Scan: The First Step in Proper Treatment

After a patient has decided to proceed with radiotherapy, he will be scheduled for a CT planning scan. The purpose of the scan is to provide the planning department with the vital insight needed to properly prepare for the upcoming treatment.

The CT scan is a painless but very important x-ray procedure. It is used as a diagnostic and monitoring tool for a wide array of conditions, as it provides cross-sectional, 3-dimensional images of areas inside the body. For cancer patients, it means that the extensiveness of their condition can be more thoroughly assessed because the scan pinpoints the exact location and size of tumors.

Making Informed Radiation Therapy Preparations

Once the CT planning scan has been performed, the resulting information is sent to the planning department. The radiation therapy planning department has the responsibility of identifying exactly how much radiation is needed and where that radiation should be administered in the body. One of the primary goals is to reduce the risk of any potential side effects of the treatment by minimizing how much of the body is exposed to the radiation. The results of the CT scan help make effective treatment planning possible.

When it comes to the treatment of prostate cancer, exceptional, accurate planning proves vital to superior patient care and has a direct impact on patient outcomes. This is one of many reasons why patients make Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute their preferred center for receiving radiotherapy.


The Advantages of Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Please do not post anything on the website about proton therapy. APCI does not offer this treatment because it is not as safe as radiation therapy.



The Speed and Accuracy of RapidArc Technology

Among the many benefits awaiting a patient who chooses to receive radiation therapy at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute is the advantage of having access the latest technological advancements in the treatment of prostate cancer. This increases a patient’s chances of experiencing a positive outcome and provides a more comfortable experience during treatment.

Benefit from RapidArc Technology

RapidArc technology, one of the latest innovations in radiation therapy for prostate cancer, is in use at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute in Florida. The benefit of this advanced technology is that it allows doctors to deliver Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with precision and at a high speed.

There are actually several conditions for which RapidArc can be employed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment. This impressive radiotherapy technology was developed by Varian Medical Systems and allows radiation treatments to be delivered up to eight times faster than other approaches. For prostate cancer patients, the use of RapidArc means fewer side effects and better results.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy: The Gold Standard in Prostate Cancer Treatment

RapidArc is the leading-edge equipment through which intensity modulated radiation therapy can be delivered. With IMRT, small beams of radiation are manipulated to conform to the tumor’s precise shape, thereby radiating only the tumor.

The benefit of this technology is in reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissues, making the treatment extremely accurate while limiting potential side effects. RapidArc serves to make the advantages of IMRT even greater, resulting in shorter treatment times. Couple these technologies with image guided radiation therapy, wherein doctors overlay a pre-treatment CT scan with the initial CT scan in order to locate the target with submillimeter precision, and the chances of successful prostate cancer treatment are greatly increased.

Of course, it is ultimately the expertise of the medical professionals using the equipment that will have the biggest impact on the patient’s health. For this reason, informed patients choose to have their radiation therapy at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute in Florida.


What Is It Like Working At A Prostate Cancer Institute?

When a person is diagnosed with prostate cancer, choosing the cancer center at which they’ll receive their treatment is one of the biggest decisions they must make. Not only does their choice serve to dictate the quality of the care they will receive, but it also can directly influence the outcome of their prostate cancer.

The quality of the staff is one important factor to consider when choosing a cancer treatment center. In addition to considering their level of knowledge and experience, it’s also important to take a look at how satisfied they are with their jobs, as the level of joy the staff has about their work environment has a direct impact on the level of patient care

At Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute, the Staff is as Close as Family

Ask any member of the staff at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute about how they feel about working with the other team member there and they’ll gladly report that the whole team feels like one close-knit family. They care about each other and look forward to working together every day. They are united in the goal of providing patients who come to the center for treatment with the best possible quality care. The best part is that it’s not something they really have to say with words, as patients can feel the difference as soon as they come through the doors.

It’s Simply Not the Experience Patients Expect from a Cancer Center

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a very difficult thing to deal with. In addition to being concerned about their health, patients often envision the cancer center they’ll have to go for treatment as a place that’s harsh, scary, and cold.

But, those who choose Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute as their cancer center don’t encounter such an experience when they come in for treatment. Instead, they get welcomed into a warm, safe, caring environment filled with passionate professionals who call them by name and cheer on their healing. It makes all the difference in the world. That’s why many patients are glad they choose Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute in Florida.


Mari Gomez Morales – Radiation Therapist at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute

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