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Giving Prostate Cancer Patients the News of Their ConditionBoth doctors and patients dread the news of prostate cancer. As many patients know, there is almost no experience more difficult than to visit the doctor and be given a cancer diagnosis. The news can come as a complete surprise, leaving the patient and loved ones feeling shocked, angered and afraid. It is a message no doctor takes pleasure in sharing. However, with new advances in medical technology, prostate cancer is less likely than ever to be a terminal illness, especially when the patient receives care from a compassionate, skilled and knowledgeable urologist.

What Does Being a Caring Urologist Really Mean?

Promises that cannot be kept are the last thing a prostate cancer patient needs for support. The best urologists are those who are motivated by compassion and not profits or fame. It is a profession that requires a genuine concern for the well being of others. Good urologists regard each and every patient as a unique and important person. They realize that they are treating someone’s brother, uncle, father, grandfather or husband. To the truly compassionate physician, caring for any patient is the same as caring for a member of their own family.

Laying the Foundation for Quality Care

When that first prostate cancer diagnosis is made and the patient hears the news, the next step is not to start explaining treatment options or schedule the next appointment. Instead, the doctor’s first priority is to put the patient at ease. The best doctors take the time to comfort someone, answering any questions he may have, realizing that the mental state of the patient is just as important as the physical, if not more so. Not every urologist has these skills when delivering the news of prostate cancer. Fortunately, the high level of empathy demonstrated by the medical professionals at Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute is just one of the reasons why their patients say they know they have made the right choice.

If you have questions regarding prostate cancer, our board-certified team of urologists has the answers. To schedule a consultation or PSA test, please call (352) 507-0001 today.
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