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Fred of Advanced Prostate Cancer InstituteAfter spending twenty years in the U.S Air Force Fred didn’t know what he wanted to do, so when asked what he’d do when he’d retire from the service he thought he was a little too old to go back to school at the age of thirty-seven. Fred was thinking about working in the x-ray field and a friend told him x-ray isn’t all that good anymore because the market is flooded. His friend suggested that he go into radiation therapy but Fred wasn’t very familiar with the field and as a result he went to a local college in Tampa, Florida where he spoke to the radiation therapy director and told her of his perspective in which his son was in seventh grade when he retired and he needed a second career.

A New Career

He was intrigued by radiation therapy but didn’t know a thing about it. The radiation therapy director set it up where he could “shadow” doctors for three days where he watched people get their treatments. Twenty-three years ago to his testimonial he fell in love with the practice and he still loves it because he figures he wouldn’t still be doing it if he didn’t love his job.

Individualized Radiation Therapy

Fred is only one of many who love treating his patients using radiation therapy and now he and many others use image guided radiation therapy. Using image guided radiation therapy Fred targets the specific zone where the cancer is and using an apparatus with arms Fred precisely gives the dose of radiation necessary for each individual patient. The higher does goes to the cancerous region while having a much smaller dose going to the surrounding tissue.

Fred And His Relationship With His Patients

First, the patient meets with Fred and is told all about radiation therapy, then Fred tells the patient they have to go to forty-five treatments, but each session only lasts ten minutes which puts the patient more at ease. Then they are informed that Fred and the other doctors intend to give them the best treatment possible using their knowledge and education. At the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute each patient is assigned a therapist who tells them that on the first day they are a guest and every day after that they are family. To add to that they are able to go to support groups with other cancer patients who are survivors of cancer just like them where they meet with doctors, like Fred, as well who make them feel that cancer isn’t as scary as long as you have a support group available. With physicians like Fred available to them every patient can have comfort in knowing they have the best treatment the Advanced Prostate Cancer Institute has to offer.

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